What features can be expected in the smartphone world of 2019?

Recall the ten-year-old mobile phone and then look at the smartphones in your hands, no matter how many changes are made in mobile technology. This is because of the significant changes in mobile technology in just ten years. With a 3-inch display, VGA camera, 6-inch display, and DSLR cameras are the best cameras in today’s smartphones features.

smartphone features

The smartphone in our hands is also an important tool for communications. Smartphones are working as a link to the world with photo, video, and emoji. The smartphones are also responsible for the emergence of new trends as well as helping smartphones share our art, literature, and culture with others.

Even though this technology continues, mobile companies are still trying to meet consumer demands. Mobile manufacturing companies are planning to launch a new smartphone with the desire to introduce something new to its customers. The Vivo company has stepped up the steps of such a new technology that has begun.

With a more young clientele worldwide, Vivo has introduced high-end and innovative technologies through its smartphones in 2018. Vivo is credited with introducing the lowest edge between the smartphone screen and the external structure and introducing the first ever elevating front camera on smartphones.

The introduction of the front elevating camera was identified in the mobile world. With this, Vivo will be introducing more new features in 2019, introducing many Surprise features to its customers in 2018, with the company’s huge expectations.

smartphone features

Hidden Selfie Camera
Front cameras of almost all smartphones in the market are in the middle of the screen mailbag. Customers will not be able to have a fullscreen display experience. This will be the introduction of an elevating selfie camera in one of the new smartphones coming up now, the Selfie camera is hidden and will only appear on the screen when capturing the photo. Thus Vivo has new phones that customers can enjoy the fullscreen display.

Marginal display
The Vivo smartphone will be launched in 2019 and will have a complete marginless structure, and this marginless and full-screen (no-open) concept can be seen in the upcoming mid-range and flag ship phones. Vivo is set to launch smartphones with a new trend in design.

smartphone features

The Pursuit of Super High-Quality Cities
As the camera is a key component in smartphones, consumers are interested in buying a smartphone with a high-quality camera. The current cellphone camera trend is on and the youth group wants to capture cellie. The Vivo company introduced last year (2018) 8 megapixels of 24-megapixel cameras. In the year 2019, the Vivo company will introduce further features on the Selfie Camera, which will focus on Quality and Clarity.

Artificial intelligence technology
This artificial intelligence technology was only offered on high-end smartphones. With the help of the camera auto face recycled and options like FaceBook are becoming available to consumers. Vivo also says that technology can be accessed by mid-range smartphones as technology can reach more customers.

smartphone features

Professional Quality
Most smartphones are currently blurred when a photo captures, or photo quality dull, or low resolution. These barriers do not occur with the help of a new algorithm of artificial intelligence IA technology. And photos will be the best way to capture a professional photographer, which will introduce this technology.

smartphone features

Elevating camera entry
Last year, the smartphone has introduced many new features that are expected to hit 2019 new features this year. The entire borderless screen and elevating front selfie cameras will come up with upcoming smartphones. Vivo is ready to take a new step in this regard.

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