Tricks that deal with the relationship beyond the close.

Sexual relationship violence does not have a gender difference. But if such a scenario occurs, it will not end at that moment. Life becomes awful. Now it’s up to me to compare and campaigns like Me Too, Men Too. But their intensity may be limited. So your protection is yours forever. Get rid of such a warning or protest at the start rather than claim that such an offense happened.

For men
1. Be aware of the range of relationships: There may be a brotherhood, love affair, and physical emotions for a close friend. But be aware of its limitations.
2. The purpose of the salutation is clear: Find out who you are doing with the way you like it, and that it is your partner. If she has to put it in her behavior, it is your duty to keep away from her.
3. It is not true that you think: The woman you love does not mean she is interested in you while you are having fun. You can understand her suit as you want it. Because you have a close friendship with her without any relationship.
4.Emotions: If you are aggravated, you are free to protest as women. If you have done wrong or you are being harassed, come out of the ego that you do not cry and feel pain and share your inner relationship with the people. If you’re wrong, justify it.
5. Maintain Your Weakness: If you are attracted to a woman, be aware of what kind of woman she is. If her body is attracted to you, change yourself if you feel abnormal sex. Because you may be guilty of a crime.

For women
1. Know the depth of mood: Let a new acquaintance know what it means, its purpose. Get out of it if you have a close relationship.
2. Do not ignore the abnormal experience: A person who is usually close to you does not commit sexual harassment. Pornography, abnormal touch, messages may be an indication of the initial. This is the case you need to protest. If you ignore or endorse this situation, the message is that you support their behavior. So be it the same alarm bell.
3.Strong personality: If no one should misuse you, make your own Strong personality. Do not allow for unnecessary action. Alert the word, behavior, or any other way to alert the situation.
4. Get Help: When you are at work in a situation where you are at work or in a situation where you have enough assistance and an organization to provide you with justice. Take advantage of them.
5. The silence is not the answer to everything: The situation that cannot resist an unpleasant situation can lead you all day long. So when you cannot resist such incidents, come out of the bitter events, getting the psychologist’s advice.

There are three aspects that women need to keep away from. Show that you are level-headed. That’s why the man is reluctant to have a suit with you. Do not let him work beyond the business of work. However, if u do not act outrage then immediately protest. Similarly, men should know the mind not only from the body but also from the body. This is a good time for you to change yourself if her body causes you to crumble. – Pallavi Idaho, Social Activist

Sexual abuse is psychologically high. There are several ways to get out of them. Get closer to the impossible situation. This can be faced with a dangerous situation ahead. – Dr. Falaksha, psychologist

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