These are the new features of iPhone users.

The world’s leading technology company, Apple, is constantly upgrading new features to its iPhone clients. However, Apple has already upgraded the ‘Turn to Turn Navigation’ facility for Indian iPhone users.

iPhone users

Apple’s new turn-to-turn navigation feature is now available for iPhone lovers, and Apple has also announced that it will also be able to use this new turn-to-turn navigation in the car, including ‘iOS’ and ‘Mac OS’ users.

iPhone users

Apple’s new turn-to-turn navigation feature is ready to meet user requirements, as well as information about the time Apple’s users will be able to find the distance between their destination and reach their destination.

As provided in Google’s map service, Apple has also been able to easily access cab services in the major cab service providers such as Uber and Ola in this Apple Navigation service. This is a special feature for iPhone users using the new Navigation Features.

iPhone usersOther important locations, including major urban areas, commercial locations, are marked in mapping, and Apple has expanded its reach in the country. Navigation facility is available at major cities and locations in India including Chhattisgarh, Mumbai, and Delhi.

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