The five super hit songs of Sapna Choudhary, who start listening to everyone, step by step.

The famous dancer of Haryana, Sapna Choudhary, has been in the limelight for a video of the day. Actually, the new song of Sapna Choudhary is setting fire on the internet. In this song, Sapna Choudhary is seen in a completely different avatar. Fans are surprised to see their style in this song of dreams. Actually, a video trend of Sapna Choudhary is currently underway. Although this video is a little old, people are still liking it. The special thing in this video is his dance. In the video, Hariyanvi is dancing on the song ‘Nazar …’.

Although this is not the first time when a video has been hit for the dream, Actually many videos of the dream have been hit even before this. So let us show you five of the biggest hits of the year so far. After watching these videos, you will not be able to live without praising the dream.

“Mera chand…”
Just a few days back, Sapna Choudhary’s new song, “Mera Chand …” was released. In this song, dreams are seen in the bride’s embodiment. Perhaps this is the reason that he was very fond of this song on the occasion of Karve Chauth.

‘Chori 96 ki’
As soon as the song was released, the video came into trade on YouTube. So far this song has received nearly 6 million views. That is, the song has been seen six million times. This song is sung by Sam Verma. In this video, the dream is seen in the modern look without leaving its native incarnation.

‘Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal’
Sapna Chaudhary has got the highest number of fame on the song ‘Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal’. This song has given a dream of the dream career.

This song was released a few days ago. This video shows that Sapna Choudhary works at a superstar but likes it too. The dream floats on it and begins to see its dreams. At present, the Hariyanwi Song is very much like people and it has seen more than 3 million views on YouTube.

‘Mere Samne Aake’
Sapna Choudhary’s song ‘Mere Samne Aake’ is also one of his super hit songs. This song belongs to Bhojpuri film ‘Bairi Kangana 2’. In which Ravi Kishan is appearing in a fresh and stylish avatar.

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