The driverless smart bus manufactured by Indian students.

There is no question that Indians’ achievement in the modern technology and science world is uplifting. As an example, Bharti has made strategic locations in many technology companies. Our engineers are capable of creating miracles in the country abroad.

smart bus

Now, the flow of technology in India is flowing. College students are also looking forward to new research, as in the growing Siri seedlings. Indian students who face new research have now pointed out that they have built a spell-free and solar-powered smart bus.

Yes, a non-motorized and solar-powered bus built by college students will surely spell you. It is a matter of pride that we have built such a bus country.

smart bus

Driverless and solar energy bus
It’s easy to see such an idea in today. But only when it is resolved to be systematically implemented. Yes, college students in Punjab are newsworthy for the first time in the country to build a cheap and non-driver’s cheapest bus.

Non-pollution smart bus
Built by the Lovely Professional University (Elpu) students in Punjab, this bus is not only the cheapest bus and the only non-polluted smart bus to replace solar energy. The bus has self-serving technology with the help of GPS and Bluetooth.

smart bus

What’s the significance of this?
The complete non-polluted smart bus is 30 km / h. Moves at speed. The new bus with 10-30 capacity, one-time full charge of 70 km. Moves to the groom. It is surprising that this bus, which uses less power for driving and maintenance, is at a very low cost.

The price is only Rs 6 lakh.
The bus was the first bus to showcase a new bus at Jalandhar, with its design, driverless, smart specialties and complete technologies. However, the price is only Rs 6 lakh. Then everyone became enlightened. Because regular buses cost about Rs 15-20 lakhs.

smart bus

One year time
The students have taken a year to make this new bus-maker with GPS and Bluetooth driven freely. Students have worked hard to incorporate 100 hundred new technologies.

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