This app is a guarantee that your children will entertainment and laugh more.

If there is a smartphone along with a lot of entertainment. Whether it's big or not, kids want to entertain ...
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Email Id Hack

Shocking news 773 Million Email Id Hack – yours will be one?

This is a great data leak over the last few years. About 773 million email id and 21 million key ...
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These products will be introduced by Apple in 2019.

Apple will be launching new iPhones every year to keep the smartphone line up alive. But before that, Tech has ...
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Instagram egg

What’s the egg that got like a world record in Instagram?

The chicken egg is broken by a rare record of Instagram, named after Kylie Jenner, Hollywood's famous actress! Yes, you ...
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BSNL Broadband Plan at 1.5GB data is available at Rs 299 per day.

The price of mobile data plans is constantly falling. We should definitely thank Reliance jio for this. So the number ...
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