Preity Zinta, who came to Bigg Boss house, besides Salman, together with the members of the house, Dhamaal.

The Weekend War Episode Telecast was made yesterday in the 12th season of the Big TV show Bigg Boss. Salman Khan, a host of the show, took a class of the remaining members of the house in the Weekend War episode. At the same time, Actress Preity Zinta came as the guest, and she also joked well with Salman.

After this, all the nominated members were asked to nominate one of their members on their own, in which Deepak was named as Jasleen, Some of Shivishash, Rumil, and Surbhi took Rohit’s name. After this, dough, rotten tomatoes, and cow dung were thrown around these four.

After this, Salman Khan was angry with Deepak and Surabhi. Both had made fun of the relationship between Jasleen and Anoop Jalota in the middle of the week. For this reason, Salman put the class of Deepak and Surabhi. Meanwhile, he congratulates Karanvir as the new captain of the house and calls Deepika the worst operator till now. Due to the fact that Deepika is proved to be the biggest culprit this week, she has to go to the torture room.

In this episode of Weekend War, Preity Zinta had reached for the promotion of her upcoming film Bhaiyaji Superhit. On the sets of the show, Salman plays some fun games with his friend and walks along with dance from nine to twelve songs. After this, Priti goes inside the house and is very fond of family members.

To be homeless from home, Rumil, Deepak Thakur, Surabhi Rana, and Somali Khan are included in the name. Salman does not exclude any nominate member in tomorrow’s episode. However, on Sunday, the Weekend’s wise episode has to be telecast. Today one of the four nominated members will be out of the house.

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