India will be No.1 in mobile manufacturing: Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Make in India campaign is a global brand identity and we are preparing quality products for the whole world as well as India. India is transforming into a global hub. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that we are pushing to reach number one in the world in mobile phone production.

In his four-and-a-half years of governance, Modi informed India about economic and technological advances in the Indian capital of Tokyo to attend the India-Japan annual summit. Later, we are working on the electronics and automobile product areas. We said that we are moving forward to the world number one in the mobile phone production.

Today, India has seen tremendous growth in digital infrastructure. Internet connection is today in the village in India. Over 100 crore mobile phones are active in India. Today, 1 GB of data is cheaper than a small cool drinks bottle in India. Modi said these data are a tool for service delivery.

Today, the world is praising India’s model of financial planning such as people planning, mobile, aadhar, and digital modeling. Today, in India, telecommunication and internet communication are also extensive. India has been working continuously with the enthusiasm of Indian solutions and global applications for need and problems.

Today India is going through a huge transformation phase. International Business Organizations are saying that the next decade has witnessed the growth of the global economy. The Indian community in Japan should actively contribute to the creation of the New India. He said that it would help to advance the country.

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