In Bigg Boss 12, Sreesanth chooses Romil, Rohit, and Deepak to pick the dungeon’s character.

In the house of Bigg Boss, Sreesanth is given a special power to be the best performer in Task, for which he is asked to choose 3 such people who want to send him to jail. Interestingly, Sreesanth does not hBigg Bossave to take this name together, but 3 times after the bell is played at different times. In the meanwhile, the contests did not leave anybody save themselves and suggesting the names of others.

In today’s episode, Bigg Boss is asking family members to choose the name of one of the nominated members, who do not feel worthy to be at home in the 14th week. In this process, the villagers take the name of Rohit. At the same time, Rohit does not consider Karanveer Bohar to stay in his house, so take his name.

Meanwhile, Fight starts again between Surabhi and Karanveer. By which Karanveer becomes very emotional while feeling himself cheated. After this, Karanveer tells Somi that Surabhi always uses people for her own purposes. Surabhi is first used to roam them and now Rohit is using it.

In the episode yesterday, Sreesanth is given an exceptional power, under which he can punish any three members of the house for the dungeon. For this Sreesanth, romil, Rohit and Deepak are sent to jail. At the same time, Rumi calls Sreesanth a controversial star. He tells Deepak and Rohit that Sreesanth is a good and smart player.

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