If there is a ‘Kiddo shield’ smart watch for children’s safety then parents will not be afraid.

Sometimes parents can be trapped even when they care for their children. Anxious parents cannot say if the school does not return home at a specified time. All the parents always have the fear that anyone may have kidnapped our children or children may be abusive and mislead us. So UniGPS has released a GPS-based smart watch called ‘Kiddo Shield’ for the purpose of taking care of the safety of children and women. This watch is based on GPS, where parents can monitor their child’s movements. So, what’s this kiddo shield ‘smartwatch? How does it work? Learn in today’s article.

What is ‘Kiddo Shield’?
This ‘Kiddo Shield’ is a smartwatch designed to care for the safety of children and women. This watch can keep track of kids through mobile and laptops of modern GPS technology. This watch is a system that knows exactly where children are watching the watch.

What’s the use of ‘Kiddo Shield’?
This is a smartwatch capable of battery backup for more than 10 days. This watch features a SIM that is used for mobile phones. After purchasing this device, the company must provide a user’s mobile number and e-mail ID. Then you will be able to connect with the SIM on the watch. 100 per month for this. Need to recharge.

What’s Watch Performance?
The option ‘SOS’ key on this device is given by pressing the key so that they can send the message to the mobile number already saved. There is also the option of saving 10 different mobile numbers in the event of an emergency when the SOS message is sent to only one person.

Every step can be observed
If this ‘Kiddo Shield’ watch is built into the hands of the children, then each step can be carefully observed. You can keep track of all their movements by mapping them on a mobile or computer. If kidnapping children, accurate information about the direction, speed, and location of the hijacker’s vehicle is also known.

How To Use Watch?
After purchasing the watch you must download the units.in-the app on mobile. In a laptop, you must visit the Unicode Web site and log in. Now you can find out where they are through the map. Or if the mail is set on the watch, the alarm message can also be obtained if the son/daughter does not return home.

What are the other specialties?
The smartwatch provides an earphone facility that allows you to call and call a mobile phone. Alarm sounds are made to alert immediately when the call arrives. PIN installed to charge. GPS tracker can be easily detected wherever they are.

How much is the watch price?
The ‘Kiddo Shield’ smartwatch will be launched starting at Rs. 2,640 for the safety of children and women. There is also an option that can be returned to Watch with Warranty on Watch purchase. Children’s safety is also available at discounted rates on this watch online at a cost of Rs. 100 per month.

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