If one tablespoon of honey is consumed in an empty stomach in the morning are more benefits to health.

If you drink honey in a glass of hot water immediately after morning, it is very good. People may have different arguments about it. But it is important to eliminate various diseases and maintain body health.

It should be consumed daily because honey is a natural product. If you drink hot water with honey, then the body will have many health benefits. It is a very old and effective natural home. If you drink honey in a glass of hot water instead of coffee or tea in the morning, the benefits you get from it are high. This will make your body work all day by day.

Improve digestion
Honey is considered to be a syndrome for the digestive system. It contains antioxidant, anti-bacterial properties. For a glass of water in an empty stomach, if a spoon is mixed with honey, it will help to eliminate stomach problems and make the intestinal function smooth.

Eliminate constipation
If the honey is mixed with hot water, it is to promote intestinal function and eliminate constipation.

A cough and throat pain eliminate
The honey will relieve you with throat pain and cough. If you consume it regularly, you will experience an increased risk of throat and cough.

To lose weight
There are 305 calories per 100 grams of honey. One tablespoon of honey helps to lose weight. Most sugar cannot be lost because honey is naturally sugary in nature.

Improvement of blood transfusion
If the honey is mixed with warm water, it removes the fat from the body and releases the toxic substance, and the blood transfers smoothly and the blood becomes cleansed.

Reduces cholesterol levels
Because of the absence of cholesterol in honey, cholesterol may not have risen due to its consumption. Instead of helping good levels of good cholesterol levels in a balanced diet. Its antioxidant properties enhance health by helping to eliminate excess cholesterol stored in the body.

Removal of inflammation
The honey is flavonoid and polyphenols. An antioxidant is a fight against inflammation and eliminating chronic inflammation.

Power enhancement
Honey has natural sugars because it does not only give the body energy but also moisture, to make the brain fit properly. Also, honey acts as a good antibiotic. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and is fighting against germs.

Increases cardiovascular efficiency
Anti-oxidants in honey have been prevented from narrowing the blood vessels, as discovered by some research. Narrowing the blood vessels increases the pressure on the heart, and some problems occur. High blood pressure, memory loss, headache etc. are indirect contributions. This benefit can be obtained by consuming one or two small peas in one glass of water every day and consuming as the first food in the morning.

Removes sleep problems
Sugar in honey increases the amount of insulin in the blood and reduces the number of particles called serotonin. After serotonin, it is converted into melatonin. This melatonin is essentially the essential nutrient. This is especially important in the benefits that can be obtained by consuming honey daily.

Cancer prevents
Flavonoids, antioxidants, and other nutrients in honey provide protection against certain types of cancer. Also relieves stress on the heart and provides protection from cardiovascular problems. This is especially important in the benefits of being consumed by honey every day.

Reduces bowel ulcers
In some research finds that honey consumption helps to cure gastric ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis in the intestine. To get all these benefits, it is necessary to drink the nectar of honey mixed with honey every day in the morning.

The honey nugget warm water has several advantages
Do not eat honey for children under the age of three. Do not make honey for boiling water. This can distinguish the effect. Take a healthy breakfast after 20 minutes after consuming honey from honey.

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