Honda Dio shaped like the KTM RC bike.

Modification vehicles are the first to come to our head on the Royal Enfield and the Toyota Fortune on the car but the Honda Dio scooter has made a trend on a social networking website. In today’s article, we will inform you about one scooter.

Honda DioAfter purchasing a new vehicle in the country, we will continue to see examples of the manufacturers’ tools that do not like the vehicle owners pay more for their taste. You can be surprised if you know about this vehicle that you have made today.

Yes, we also find examples of Honda Dio Scooter owners who have become popular with scooters, even with their clients. But this Dio scooter is just like a bike.

Honda Dio

If the ordinary Honda Dio Bike Road is moving, the eye turns at the scooter at least once, but the scooter has the back of the Yamaha R15 bike, which is used in trail framing from the KTM RC bike.

This modified Honda Dio scooter has been used by tires, forks, and disc brakes by Honda’s other popular scooter Aviator Scooter. This is the first Honda Dio scooter to get a disc brake, which means it can not be wrong.

honda dio

The fender on a regular Dio scooter has been removed and the vehicle is provided with the handlebar of the Yamaha FZ bike. The rear seat and other exterior have been removed.

honda dio

McConnick, who transformed this Honda Dio into a mere 35,000 expenses to look like the Yamaha R-15 bike, suggested that the Honda Dio scooter owner’s brother advise making a change.

The custom exhaust is also offered to this scooter and offers a graceful design and sound. The entire scooter is equipped with a matte black color, and the back substrate and rims are equipped with orange paint. And sticking is given to look even more attractive.

honda dio

The Honda Dio Scooter has been working for about 25 days to look like a Yamaha R-15 bike, with a total cost of Rs. 35,000 is spent on money. Only the equipment is configured and no changes have been made in other technical aspects.

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