Do you know how to record a call on the Truecaller?

While some smartphones have a call record, some other phones need to use other apps to record calls. But there is no need to worry about that before. Because the Truecaller, the most popular in India, has introduced a new feature calling for its users.

Yes, there are many types of call recording apps available on the Play Store. However, the Truecaller App, which has helped to avoid the annoyance of unnecessary calls, has introduced such a feature in its app. The call can be recorded in the True collar unplugged compared to other apps in the Play Store.

This facility is only available on Android phones and it is crafted for Android users. In today’s article, find out how to record a call via Truecaller App on Android smartphones. Complete information is provided for you in the following slides.

How to enable call record? Step 1
Open the Truecaller App on Mobile. Click the menu on the left side of the Op … Click the Call Recording Option.

How to enable call record? Step 2
Try for 14 days for free. Click on the Start button next to it. Call Recording facility can be used for up to 14 days if you click Start Free Trial.

How to enable call record? Step 3
We can decide which calls we need to record. If you want to record all the conversations that we call and the call we call Auto, then select. If you only want to record the calls we select, then click on the Manual option.

How to enable call record? Step 4
This facility needs to be updated as a premium user for use after this period is over. For a premium user, Rs. 49 per month. Or Rs 449 per year Should be paid.


Profile view can also be understood
Furthermore, if you are a premium user, you will find information about who is viewing our profile as well as the call recording facility.

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