China mobile phone companies were shocked by the news of Samsung.

Samsung is the most popular mobile phone company in the Indian mobile market. Samsung is ready to launch a special series smartphone for Indians and has given news of shocking news of other mobile companies in the country.

Yes, Samsung has recently released special series smartphones for India and has given up some special information about it. The company’s new series of smartphones, launched for Indians, will start at Rs 9,500, the sources said.


Samsung, which is manufactured specifically for Indians, has called these new series smartphones ‘Galaxy M’. Learn more about why the Chinese mobile companies are so impressed with this news, how are the new ‘Galaxy M’ series smartphones entering India?

Indians ‘Galaxy M’ series
Samsung has launched its new series smartphones in the country for the first time. The Samsung company has confirmed that these smartphones, called Galaxy M ‘, are being released globally in the eyes of the Indian mobile market.


Break for Chinese companies?
Samsung is planning to break Chinese companies that have successfully launched smartphones at the lowest price in the country. So, Samsung has introduced the Galaxy M series to introduce the best smartphones in the budget price tag for China mobile companies.

Chinese companies are shocked
Chinese mobile companies already know that Samsung is introducing the ‘Galaxy M’ series to introduce smartphones at budget prices. However, Chinese companies have been shocked by company sources saying that Galaxy S series phones will only start at Rs 9,500.


Two smartphones
Samsung has announced that it will launch two smartphones in the new Galaxy S series. According to the company’s sources, the two smartphones, Galaxy M10, and Galaxy M20 are expected to have 9,500 and Rs 15,000 respectively.

5000mAH battery
This is the first time Samsung has introduced a 5000mAH battery capable budget phone. If the Galaxy M20 has a 3,500mAh battery, the Galaxy M30 will have a 5000mAh battery. Samsung’s intent is that it will help attract more Indians.


The cameras are special
The Galaxy M20 and M30 smartphones come in the market with the view of camera-loving Indians. The Galaxy M20 has 13MP + 5MP pixel rear cameras and the Galaxy M30 phone has 5MP + 5MP + 5MP capacitive three rear cameras.

16MP selfie camera
Both smartphones with dual and triple rear cameras are said to have 16 MP self cameras. The company also plans to launch a self-portable market in India by introducing 16 MPs of selfie cameras in the range of Rs 9,500 to Rs 15,000.


What are the other features?
Samsung’s sources do not have much information about ‘Galaxy M’ smartphones. Prices have come out with battery and camera specifications. By the end of February, Samsung’s ‘Galaxy M’ smartphones will be able to enter the market.

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