Bigg Boss this week, Surabhi and Rohit Suchanti will be the claimant to be a Captain, will be the explosive task.

Many bombs are being seen in the popular TV show Bigg Boss Season 12. Many of the show’s contenders are now exposing their real face. Since then, many names are coming out about the show’s claim. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, the task is going on for the captcha. At the same time, in the Bibi School Bus Task, there were many disasters among the Harvard. Bibi Task in the last episode was released in the episode yesterday. There was a lot of panic in the house.

In the tomorrow Task where Surabhi and Rohit were declared the captains’ claimants. Deepak looked like Sami was angry. On lamp, he alleged that he has cheated during the Task, so he is angry with them. After this, Deepak also apologized to them. There was a considerable debate between Rumi Chaudhary and Karanveer. Before that, there was a lot of conflict between Rohit and Sreesanth before that.

In the telecasted episode on Tuesday, it was shown how Sreesanth turned red with anger when he repeatedly circulated Rohit Suchati and he was rubbing Rohit by stealthily losing his temper. Just what was happening there was a raging ruckus among the members of the house. And it is now being speculated that on this move of Sreesanth, he can be shown the way out of the house.

Prior to Sreesanth, Shivshis has also been out of the house because of his arrogance outside the house. In such cases, speculation is being made that they too can be given a severe punishment. Even before this, Sreesanth has been warned many times. Based on the rules of the house of Bigg Boss, it is considered a crime to commit abusive behavior in the house wherein such a situation, Sreesanth slapping of Rohit is not going to be small. They will get a strict punishment for this.

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