Best WiFi and App Support smart plugs available in India.

Amazon offers a great deal on some device and electronic goods in India. Smart plugs include WiFi and App support. These are some of the best devices that some of the other features have.

For Amazon, 10% Cashback up to Rs 150, 10% BHIM UPI or Rupay ATM card for up to 50 rupees, Amazon first pays online offers many offers including cash back up to Rs 100. So what smart plugs are on the offer is to know what its features are.

Smart plugs

SmartType Android Remote Controlled Wi-Fi Smart Power Extraction Stripe Price: Rs 2,799
Key features
• WiFi offers the Smart Power Stripe 3 smart plugs, which are multi-inclusive and three combines each socket and can be programmed independently of each.

• Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Both are run by different sockets. There is a 1-year warranty.

• Control from any location at any time through the Smoothie App. Control can be locked/unlocked by the switch. Every time a socket will restore a new state when it comes to power cut/power resumes.

• Allowing your timer to be set to turn on / off electronic appliances at a specified time will save your electricity bill.

• There is also a countdown timer. Please keep your phone charged for one hour. When charged with a countdown timer, an extra charge will be charged and battery life will be increased.

• Offers Notification Facility. All members of the family can control their phones.

Smart plugs

Oakter Smart Plug for High-Powered Application Price: Rs 5,227
Key features
• Wi-Fi Smart Plug-in High-Powered Applications

• Geezer can control ACs

• Set time and apply Appliance.

Smart plugs

TP-Link HS 100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug (White) Price: Rs 1,550
Key features
• Amazon works with Alexa voice control

• Remote Axis: The devices connected to the smart plug can be controlled by the Internet using the smartphone’s CasaApp.

• Turn on / off electronics by the Free App. (Android 4.1 and up, works on iOS9 or above)

• You need to turn the Away-mode on the device to know if someone is home to you when you are out of the house.

• Easy to use and easy to install.

Smart plugs

D-Link DSP-W215 / E Wi-Fi Smart Power Plug Adapter (White) Price: Rs 1,499
Key features
• Assistance to Control Your Power Consumption: Schedule Power Usage in Daily Workings and control overlines using MyDlink Home App.

• Safeguards your home and goods. Because there is a thermal sensor, any appliance will override it and it will be damaged.

• Monitor the use of home energy.

• Connectivity – Wireless 802.11n, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), support for dlink home app

• Mydlink Feature – Power Scheduling, Smart Remote Power Control, Energy Use Statistic, Push Notification

• Additional Feature – Overheat protection, compact size, clean cable – free installation

Smart plugs

WIQD Smart WiFi Plug Socket, Support for Alexa and Google Voice Assistant / Home Voice Control Price: Rs 1,999
Key features
• Easy to install

• Remote Control Facility.

• Amazon works with Alexa Eco and Google Home. Use of Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control after a successful connection

• You can control your home in any corner of the world by clarifying your home.

• Wi-Fi Smart Plug – Let’s control home appliance at your fingertips.

Smart plugs

Wink Smart Plug Plus Color LED Bulb (9W) Alexa Google Home IFTTT Compatibility Price: Rs 2,499
Key features
• Works with Alexa. Voice control through Alexa Devices

• Remote Control, Voice Control, No Hub for Bulbs, Remote By Phone App

• Smart App – Smart-Lite, Automatic Schedule and Energy Save and Dimmable

• Support for both Devices & Timing Function and IOS Android

• Manufactured for the purpose of India

Smart plugs
SmartType Smart Switchboard Price: Rs 4,199
Key features
• Smart switchboard with WiFi compatible. There are 2 smart switches + 2 smart plugs in the + 1 smart fan 8 module configuration + 1 SmartPlug + 1 Smart Fan 6 Module Configuration. Each can be independently controlled by Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartType App.

• It also offers a lock/unlocking lock for applying applications.

• Weekly and daily scheduling facility are available. Energy savings. When it comes to Power Cut / Power Resume, it can also be scheduled when the Internet breaks down.

• There is also a schedule that counts down the schedule. You can set your phone to charge for one and a half hours.

• There is a 1-year warranty for giving the notification facility.

Smart plugs

KACOOL Timer Switch, Wi-Fi Smart Switch Plug, Wireless Home Automation Remote Control Module Price: Rs 1,599
Key features
• App Remote Control:: Remote Axis can turn your electronics on / off. Timer Countdown can be set, (Android 4.1 and up, works on iOS9 or above).

• Hands-free voice control.

• Easy to install. It is easy to handle and activate immediately.

• Amazon works with Alexa Eco, Google Home, Fan, Light. No need for a hub. Air conditioner, TV, mobile phone, cooker boy does not need an electronic hub to control.

Smart plugs

Thrumm Wi-Fi Smart Plug (White) Price: Rs 1,209
Key features
• Amazon works with Eco and Google Home

• This product works with Smart Life App and Smart Life Skills

• 12-month warranty.

• Manual allows for on / off. App-based remote control always works wherever you want.

• Online Up-Date, Perfect Mini Size. Overload Protection, Device Share

• Amazon Alexa, Indian Pins, Voice Controlled, No Hub, Scheduling / Timing Function. Control can be controlled at any time, from anywhere on the mobile.

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