Before marriage, Deepika Padukone did not want to stay live in, Ranveer does well with the feeling.

Bollywood’s Newly Married Couple Ranveer and Deepika  Padukone are constantly in the media spotlight. The marriage of both of them is going to be almost a month, but so far their marriage remains in the media. Both of them had two receptions for all their friends and family members. After that, he had also kept a reception in Mumbai for close friends of Bollywood.

Prior to this, Deepika and Ranveer had dated each other for nearly 6 years. The news of the relationship between both of them is also coming in the media for a long time. Deepika believes that during this period, she did not have any idea that she wants to live in a live-in relationship. Because they did not feel the need for a relationship.
In an interview given to a magazine, Deepika talked a lot about her marriage. Along with this, she also talked about changes in life after marriage. She said, ‘I am coming home from the age of 18, so I do not think anything will change. Yes, but both of us will go through those changes which come with two people.
Deepika further said that I had decided from the beginning that to marry whom I would marry, I would not be in the live-in order to make decisions about it. “She also said that with the same kind of new virgin couple as well I will experience things like living in, paying bills, and sharing space. ‘
While praising Ranveer, Deepika said that she is not just a husband but her lover, friend, playmate, companion. He said that he takes care of them very well. Also, Deepika said that she does not have to pretend to Ranveer. He can talk to them openly in front of them and can stay as they please.

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