Becareful during sexual activity, you do not make such mistakes.

Sex is a delicate culmination. Married people engage in sexual every day or in accordance with their convenience. Everyone about sex does not know all the things. It will come from experience. Though you are an experienced or first-time sexist, you should consider some of the issues seriously.

This will not only help you with your sexual health but also your partner and your physical health. On the other hand, it can be a big problem for you one day. In this article, you will be presented with Bold Sky. If you understand this correctly and will be engaged in sex next time, follow it.

There is no worry about coming to the SDD
Although you and your partner are single, you can not ignore some of the ideas. Because the risk of sexually transmitted infections cannot be ruled out. Testing is often necessary. Because treatment is now available for most diseases. This is not okay.

Your husband may be reluctant to use the condom. But when it comes to safety, the words of both partners should be equal. Before using contraceptives, it is important to communicate whether or not you fit it.

Being prevented from using food
Kitchen Interest is growing in the present day. Some of these dishes are intended to increase sexual pleasure. But there are two mistakes here. First of all, food is wasted and secondly, you have to have an emergency treatment if any piece of food goes into your genitalia. So be careful about this danger.

Use oil lubricants with condoms
There is already lubricants in the condom. If you use oil lubricants then it will reduce the lubricant effect of the condom. Learn which lubricants to use with the condom. Use water or silicone-based lubricants.

Do not overdo alcohol before sex
There is no obstacle if you are doing this yourself. However, if the other person insists on having sex before sex, then do not hesitate to say he/she is not. You’re out of reach when you drink too much, so you want to experiment with sex and related matters. Most adolescents have admitted that they lost virginity when they drank. If you did not drink before sex, then repenting is wrong.

There is no mention of the spouse’s cleanliness
If the partner is smelling of sweat or mouth, then we are reluctant to say it. But you should say this because it has a negative impact on your entire sex experience. This reflects the person’s cleanliness option. Unless the hygiene is maintained then the risk of infection will be higher.

There is no communication
If your partner does not say about your liking and dislikes then your sex life is not good. What do you like Tell the partner what sex action is like and what you do not want.

This is especially for men. You need to know how to get control over yourself at any time. The partner may be dissatisfied if it is quickly tasted. They may still be a problem if too late. In order to ignore this, first, get involved in the game. If you need too long time, then you can partner with the culmination and then they will help you.

Not Kissing
Most people (including women) do not kiss their partner while sex acts. Why will this happen? The pose may be annoying to kiss you or be reluctant to quit because you are looking forward to climaxing. But you have to kiss this time. This is an increase in experience.

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