BB Hotel Task, Hina Khan and Juhi started in Bigg Boss entry in Marie’s house.

This is the last week of the television show Bigg Boss Season 12. In it, a lot of surprises are being given to the members of the house. Contestants celebrated Christmas not only in the home of ‘Bigg Boss’ but also completed 100 days at home.

bigg boss

As the finale is approaching, the family members are doing their best to win the heart of the audience. Now as all the home-based contests are nominated, Bigg Boss has given an opportunity to the villagers to appeal more and more votes to the audience. But it was not so easy for the members. For this Big Boss gave a task to the household, in which the house was converted into a hotel.

To win this task, the householders were asked to complete the meeting of celebrity contestants coming from outside the house. In this task, the winning winner will be given a star and after that, she will get the chance to make an appeal for the votes from the viewers. In today’s episode, this actress will be seen in the house of famous celebrities like TV actress Hina Khan, Neil Bhatt and Juhi Parmar Entry is done.

bigg boss

By completing the task of Hina and Neel in this task, Rumi has done this task twice. Because of that, she was given a chance to seek votes from viewers 2 times. In between the Tasks, there was a debate between Surbhi and Sreesanth about anything. After this, Deepika explained to Surabhi that nobody is her side today because she did not keep any such relationship with anyone.

Juhu Parmar also asked Deepak to sing the song in English to make the atmosphere of the house a little fun in this fight-quarrel. From his song, Deepak did not only laugh at the Juhi but also the people of the house were also quite entertained.

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