Ajay Devgan with Family Friends and Friends, Wake up to Angel, gives full time to the family.

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan is known for his personal life more than his films. Ajay Devgan, who is seen in action incarnations in films, is very much ahead in time with his family. After finishing the film, he likes to have a time-span with his family.

They also like to go on a vacation with their family. Not only recently, but Ajay has also come to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Thailand with his family and friends. Here they are enjoying with their family. Meanwhile, Ajay Devgan has shared a photo with his social media account in the video format. In this photo, Kajol, daughter Nysa and son era are also seen with Ajay. Apart from all these, Ajay Devgn is also seen in the pool with his friends.

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Somewhere in between Christmas & New Year 🔛

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Sharing this photo, Ajay Devgan wrote, “Somewhere between Christmas and New Year.” Photos so far have seen more than 4.25 lakh people. Seeing the background of this photo, Fans are asking many types of questions from Ajay. Actually, the clouds are showing in the background of the photo. Whereas all things are looking at their place.

Social media users are making a lot of comments on this photo of Ajay. Not only this, a user, while commenting, asked Ajay, ‘How did you get this picture?’ Which is this app. ‘While many users have commented,’ How are the clouds going forward? A very good photo is Singham Sir. ‘

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