6 months after marriage, Neha Dhupia gave birth to Baby Girl, accompanied by baby bump ramp walk.

Actor Angad Bedi and Actress Neha Dhupia. have born a small angel in the house. With this good news, Neha and Angad are very happy with the fancy of both. Neha gave birth to a daughter this morning. The baby was born at 11 o’clock at Women’s Hospital in Mumbai. Mother and daughter are absolutely healthy Although no statement has been made on behalf of Angad or Neha after becoming a parent.

In May of this year, Neha and Angad surprised everyone till the sudden marriage. Three months after the marriage, Neha was surprised by the news of the scandal. Now after this marriage, she has become the mother of a girl in the seventh month. The news of the marriage of Neha Dhupia came to everyone’s notice when the celebrities greeted them on social media. A sudden marriage decision made many speculations in the media. It was being said that Neha Dhupia is pregnant because of this she decided to marry immediately.

Neha’s famous show No Filter Neha this time her husband Angad Bedi was present. During the show, Angad Bedi disclosed that Neha had been pregnant before marriage. Neha shared the show’s promo on its Instagram account. During this, Angad had made many interesting disclosures about his life.

The news of Neha and Angad’s affair came to light when both of them reached the reception of the wedding of Zaheer Khan and Actress Sagarika in November 2017. After that, both of them were often seen together. They both looked not only at the party but also on dinner dates. After a date of about one year, the couple decided to get married.

Neha also told the reason for concealing pregnancy in an interview. He said that I was afraid that if I told about my pregnancy, then my career could have been harmed. I was afraid that people would stop working with me. The nice thing with me was that my baby bump was not seen for 6 months. I got the benefit of this thing.

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