These type of belly fat will dangerous in your health.

Belly Fat, or Adipose Tissue, is a stomach that is stored around the stomach and waist. These include adipocytes cells that are loosely stored. This fat is mainly stored in five parts unless the hips are. Following these segments, this cobb has been provided with a metaphor of the same name.

Our body fat body is in the center of the body, and it is imperative to keep the weight of the body around the gravity center! There are two types – subcutaneous and whispered fat. The first one is fat that is essentially needed, the latter being a thin fat or whispered fat that is more likely to cover the role of a diet that is less than a meal, low in exercise and is also unhealthy. Ironically, subcutaneous fat looks ozone but the thief’s fat is hidden under the subcutaneous fat.

This cobb is called “active pathogenic fat” fat and not only in the waist but also in all the body parts of our body. Heart, liver, lung, stomach, pancreas etc. All these limbs fail to act in their full remission because this fat has consumed the required space for these organs and are surrounded by organs. Therefore, it is important to have fatal consequences for some health that is high in fat.

Increased inflammation
Whisper fat simply does not sit and produce some particles that cause inflammation as a carpenter. These particles reach the liver directly. These particles increase inflammation in the body and have the potential to alter the effects of certain Alzheimers. This inflammation is the source of any disease in our body. If hip fat is too high in your body, your body will be more prone to inflammation and metabolism. Thereby affecting the life-cycle of the body is also important.

Increase in the possibility of diabetes
Most fats in the thigh and pimples are more likely to be subject to type 2 diabetes than those with lower fat in the waist than those with low fat in the waist. The reason is that whispered fat in their body is inhibited to prevent the use of insulin produced in the body. This can lead to insulin resistance. When these individuals eat foods that are high in sugar, sugar in the blood and insulin are also available to digest it. When healthy sugar is high in blood, cells produce energy by using sugar and insulin. But if the cells have insulin gradually due to the effect of whisper fat, sugar cannot get sugar without leaving the urine out of the body. This effect can increase blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Cardiovascular problems and heart attack
Whisper fat produces some protein particles, as confirmed by the research and is harmful to our body. Some of these can reduce the blood vessels and increase blood pressure. Also, we already know that whispers fat is inflammatory, and when both are present, the blood vessels can stop the blood flow even further. If you have high fat around your waist, you should know that your blood pressure is high in triglyceride and cholesterol levels and increases in blood pressure if your health goes astray.

High blood pressure
Blood vessels do not have to be shortened to increase blood pressure, but blood sugar levels and insulin levels are often not used. When consuming foods that are high in sugar, our blood sugar levels will increase immediately and insulin levels will rise and rise. This will convert sugar into energy. When both immune forces increase in our body, both sugar and insulin remain in the blood without consumption. These increase blood pressure.

As we already know, whispered fat is also called “active pathogenic fat” because of its effect on our body. As a result of this study, the effectiveness of our body’s healthy neurotransmitters decreases. Along with this the altercation of the altercation changes! This imbalance creates extreme fluctuations in the attitude. If it does not get the right treatment immediately, it can be a source of depression.

Insomnia and related problems
There is a risk of snoring that does not require people who have a fat belly and fat around the neck. Along with this, sleep apnea is a problem. With this problem, the breathing in these individuals can be severely shortened shortly afterward, which may occur several times a night. The result is less energy than the next day, though they are sleeping enough. With this whispered fat filled with respiratory space throughout the lungs and lungs, breathing can be difficult. As respiratory stroke stops, the person’s sleep disrupts and does not require rest. As a result, his attitude also changes with sleep deprivation. Sometimes these people can be sleeping too hard to sleep.

Forgiveness and Alzheimer’s disease
Large abdominal individuals are more likely to be exposed to obesity and Alzheimer’s disease than those with a good stomach. The size of the body is high but the size of our brain and all organs does not increase. So the existing brain becomes smaller for comparison to body size, that is, the brain’s ability to shrink as much as possible. This content is not yet confirmed, but it is true if you see the alkaline transcription called leptin, which releases the fat particles. This leptin has an adverse effect on brain cells. There is a sense of learning, memory, and the mindset to suppress appetite. So, how big the stomach is, the more likely the brain’s ability to lose weight.

The particles called cytokines are one of these viral fat releases. These stimulate cancer-causing activity in the body. These particles are more active in the body of women who have a particular vaccine. Because of the decrease in the production of estrogen from the uterus of women after postmortem, and now the fat cells are converted into main sebums to meet estrogen. Now more estrogen causes breast-burning tumors in the breast. These tumors are more likely to develop breast cancer. In the same way, these cells in the body of men increase the risk of developing intestines and analgesic cancer.

Whisper fat is very difficult to eliminate
It is very difficult to remove this whispered fat from the body. Because it is an addiction to the body, as soon as its deficiency is passed, the brain passes more food and fewer exercise signals and becomes more and more lenient. Therefore, it is imperative to have a strong mindset and one-day dietary exercise and appropriate dietary supplements to eliminate this fat.

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